From Pro Athletes Become Poker Players

Posted  May 19, 2010

It's still a bit confusing to categorized whether poker is as a sport or not. But if other card games such as bridge, or other board and mind games like chess can be called sport, then why not poker? Especially when a lot of professional athletes, some of them even a legends, turned to became a poker player after their retirement.

Among those athletes that now a poker player are former Major League Baseball player Orel Hershiser, former Italian international football player Christian Vieri, and ex professional volleyball player Erica Schoenberg.

I'm not gonna talk about poker rules, tips, or strategy, because you can easily search for them on the internet, the best one like this WSOP Journal. You can also practice your skill through their online poker game. I'm more interested to talk about those athletes, especially when they're become filthy rich after playing poker.

Not just beautiful, Erika Schoenberg is also very rich!

One of the name I mentioned above is Erica Schoenberg, which not only one of the most famous poker players, but also the sexiest! This 32-year-old American now plays blackjack and poker after her previous profession as a model, personal trainer, and volleyball player. Started her poker career in 2007, up until 2010 her total cash winning exceed $725,000.

While one of the best striker that Italian ever had, Christian Vieri, still clear a path to become a pro in his favorite game, Texas Hold 'Em Poker, this was not the case for Orel Hershiser. He started playing poker competitively in 2006 after out of baseball for a few years. After his finish in the 2008 NBC Heads-Up Championship, Hershiser signed a deal to become a professional poker player with PokerStars, and played in some major events including the 2008 World Series of Poker and the 2009 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

Orel Hershiser when he still pitched for The Dodgers

For more information about Orel Hershiser and other ex-baseball player turned poker player, Al Barbieri, you can read in WSOP Journal. Maybe you can follow Barbieri's footstep who already won close to $900,000 during his time playing professional poker.

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