Sport Legends or Asian Models?

Posted  Mar 3, 2012

Nowadays, there are so many beautiful female athletes that the faces and appearances can match famous models or celebrities. Unfortunately, only few of those athletes have achievements that can match their beauties, as many of them only act as eye candy to attract male audience to sport events.

Now, let's learn about some Asian female athletes that not only as beautiful as Asian models, but also have great accomplishments, thus they also can be categorized as sport legends. Here they are:

1. Guo Jingjing (Diver/China)

Born: October 15, 1981 in Hebei, China

Made her debut Chinese national team in 1992, Guo first competed at the Olympics in 1996. However, only in 2004 Olympics in Athens that she managed to won her first gold medal. She has managed to win 4 gold medals (2 in Athens, 2 in Beijing 2008), and 2 silver medals (both in Sydney 2000), which makes her collect more Olympic medals than any other female diver. Besides Olympics, Guo Jingjing has won 10 gold medals and 1 silver medal in World Championships!

Guo Jingjing announced her retirement in 2011.



Nadeshiko - Japanese Women's Football Team

Posted  Jul 19, 2011

While football is a very popular sport in Asia, there's yet an Asian team who managed to win major football competition, whether it's FIFA World Cup, Olympic, or FIFA Club World Cup. Not anymore though, because Japanese women's national team, or the Nadeshiko, has managed to won the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup by defeating USA in the final.

In the road to final, Japan who never passed the group stage in the last three championships, beat the two-time reigning world champion Germany (2004 & 2007) in quarterfinals, and the 2003 finalist Sweden in semifinals. In final, Japan defeated two-times World Cup's winner USA (1991 & 1999) through penalty-shootout.

It was a very dramatic victory, as the Japanese women were trailing by a goal behind twice. Alex Morgan scored for the American at 69', which leveled by Aya Miyama at 81'. During the extra-time, USA lead again by Abby Wambach goal at 104'. Only three minutes before the final whistle, Homare Sawa, the tournament leading scorer and best player, scored an equalizing goal which led to penalty-shootout, which won by Japan by 3-1.


The Time is NOWitzki

Posted  Jun 14, 2011

So, Dallas Mavericks has beaten Miami Heat in 2011 NBA Finals by 4-2. This is the first NBA championship title for the club, for the controversial owner Mark Cuban, and for most of their players, including Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Peja Stojakovic, and Jason Kidd. This is a sweet payback for the Mavs after they were defeated by Heat with the same score, back in 2006 NBA Finals.

Considering most of their players are already above 30-year-old, Dallas Mavericks' theme for this year playoff is The Time is Now, which changed to The Time is NOWitzki by some of their fans. Dirk Nowitzki is the key player for Mavs, including in this finals, which grants him the finals' MVP.

"It feels amazing now to know that nobody can ever take this way away from us again," said the German power-forward, "and for one year we're the best team that was out there. That feels amazing."

Dirk Nowitzki made his NBA debut in 1998 with Dallas Mavericks, and he never changes team ever since. He and Jason Terry are the only veteran players left from the 2006 finals defeat.

"Dirk and Jet have had to live with those demons for five years," Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. "And as of tonight, those demons are officially destroyed."

"This is a true team," Carlisle added. "This is an old bunch. We don’t run fast or jump high. These guys had each other’s backs. We played the right way. We trusted the pass. This is a phenomenal thing for the city of Dallas."

Dirk Nowitzki has a severe injury with a torn tendon in his left middle finger that he got from game one in Miami. Since game three, he had to battling a sinus infection and high fever, which being clowned on camera by LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, two Heat's superstars.

33-year-old and 13 years of NBA career without title has made Dirk Nowitzki very focus and determinant in this year playoff. He scores average point of 27.7 during the playoff, with 39.3 minutes/game.

Dirk Nowitzki and other Mavs' veterans have proven that they're too strong for Heat's trio superstars, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. They have reminded all the sport fans that title has to be fought, not to be bought! Congratulations for Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki. They are now part of NBA history and become sport legends.


Jason Kidd is Now Officially NBA Legend


Jason Kidd is always considered as one of the smartest players in NBA. He doesn't need to score many points in the court, but when he has the ball, every unimaginable play can happen. Too bad that Jason Kidd was still underrated in NBA due to the fact that he hasn't won any title. Not anymore though, because he has won his first NBA ring after his team Dallas Mavericks beat Miami Heat by 4-2 in 2011 NBA Finals.

Before this victory, Jason Kidd has felt the NBA Finals before, when he brought New Jersey Nets in back-to-back 2002 and 2003 finals. When the Nets was defeated in both occasions, by Lakers and Spurs, fans were getting worry that Kidd will never be a champion, and follows the footstep of another great point-guard without title, the legendary John Stockton.

Jason Kidd was picked as a rookie in 1994 by Dallas Mavericks, meaning that this is his 17th year in NBA. He is 38-year-old right now, which makes him the oldest active point-guard this season, and also the oldest starter for PG position in the history of NBA Finals ever! Don't forget, Jason Kidd is also the oldest player to ever win his first NBA Championship.

Being a 38-year-old, Jason Kidd still holds a high minute play in every game. This season, his average is 33.2 minutes/game. He's not as fast, as versatile, as offensive, and as powerful as he used to be, but he knows how to make his teammates better. What makes him good, he never stops to learn. During an interview, he said that he recently training hard to improves his three-pointer ability. Kidd realizes that in his age, he can't expect to score 20 points or 10 rebounds in every game. He just need to be at the perfect place at the perfect time, to execute the perfect shot.

The question is, does this will be Jason Kidd first and last NBA title? He still got a year left in his contract with Dallas Mavericks, but he said that this trophy has light his spirit, which gives him energy to play for another 2-3 years. Either way, Jason Kidd is now officially NBA legend and sport legend.


Are These Beautiful Women Athletes?

Posted  May 22, 2011

Let's take a break a while from sports and their legends, by talking about beautiful women. We've seen many sexy athletes in sports, such as Maria Sharapova (tennis), Jeanette Lee (pool), Yelena Isinbayeva (pole vault), Laila Ali (boxing), Torrie Wilson (wrestling), or Danica Patrick (racing). Apparently, poker also has many hot female players.

Although, we still hesitate to call poker player as an athlete, because there are a lot of debates whether this card game is qualified as sport or not. If you try to find the answer of "is poker a sport?" in search engine, you'll get that the people who're agree are about the same amounts with the ones who reject. But, if other board and card games such as chess and bridge can be called as sports, then why not poker?

Now, you can check some of the most beautiful women and play against them by getting your PokerStars Bonus Code and registering with huge amount of bonus. These are some of the hottest players that you're gonna face, and tell us your opinions, are these beautiful women can be called as athletes?

Liv Boeree

Olivia Boeree is a 27-years-old player from England. Born in Kent, she's also known as a model and TV presenter. Liv Boeree is a keen guitar player and loves metal music, that's how she's got her nickname, The Iron Maiden. She started playing poker in 2005 and joining Team PokerStars Pro in 2010. Her total live tournament winnings exceed $2,050,000.

Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa Ashley Rousso was born February 5, 1983 in New York. Besides a professional poker player, she's also a French American law student at the University of Miami, and also a spokesperson for She also helps herself and poker to get recognized, by appeared on Sport Illustrated Swimsuit edition for February 2009 issue.

Playing since 2005, Vanessa Rousso had earned over $2,900,000 in career earnings. You can find her under the Lady Maverick screen name. Before that, make sure that you've already registered using PokerStars Bonus Code.

Celina Lin

Celina Lin is a Shanghai born and a very famous player in Asian card room. Has been played sonce 2004, she's a regular in all the top card rooms around Asia. When she's not playing top-level events, Celina likes to relax using yoga and pilates, and she also plays tennis.

All those beautiful girls are part of Team PokerStars Pro, and represent the largest online card room in the world. If you want to play against them or against professional athletes such as Boris Becker, Gianluigi Buffon, and Fatima Moreira de Melo, don't forget to register with PokerStars Marketing Code. By using this feature, you can get a lot of bonus and freebies.

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